An open challenge to the so-called GOD-HEADS by Param Pujya Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans

I, Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans, on the basis of GOD's Grace and Supremely KNOWLEDGE-like-’TATTVAGYAN’, declare challengedly that Sai Baba, Sri Balyogeshwarji, Mahavatar Baba, descending So'Han practicants like Satpal, Anand Murtiji, Avadhoot Ram, Mahesh Yogi, Lekhraj, Jay Gurudev, Sriram Sharma, Murai Bapu, Asaram Bapu, Pandurang Shastri etc. etc.

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Present Incarnation of "GOD"

There are Four Systems under the 'Absolute KNOWLEDGE or the Supreme KNOWLEDGE or TATTVAGYAN' of the Supreme Lord, the Almighty Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan.

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What should I say if it is TRUE?

    My dear Truth Seekers! I am grieved and glad as well for your dual positions. First, you stay in the position of ignorance, so when the Supreme LORD comes down as an incarnation from His PARADISE, even though you start blaming Him with so many false allegations...

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