GODly Message for a Successful Life

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Jewish, look beyond your bodies !
In the form of Noor -Soul and Divine Light, all looks in alike.
Look beyond the Light, nothing else but Khuda-GOD-Parmeshwar.
‘HE’ is the SUPREME Father of all and the Lord of EXISTENCE.
Only Rooh-Noor and Kal-Alam are the Ahan-Sah and Paramtattvam.
Only Self, Soul and Supreme GOD is
clear doctrine of Sant Gyaneshwar.
Brothers and Sisters ! come forward,
root out pomp, show and hypocrisy.
Now , accept only True Dharma for the protection of Dharma ,
the Religious and the Earth.
The World is on the verge of destruction
inhabitants of the earth are all in grief.
We are all in favor of you all, to protect the world form destruction.
In being late, only pretence is inhand and to puff off on one's existence.
When world is not going to remain, what is the use to decorate home and family?
If we will have to protect our existence and
even will have to decorate our home and family.
To protect the world from destruction, Now ,we have to take refuge in GOD.

------Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans

Wake up O Sleepers !

Wake up O, sleepers ! the Awaker has come.
To show Jeeva, Eeshwar, Parmeshwar,
The Awaker has come. (repeat)
Why you say, its mine, its mine ?,
the world is false, nobody is thine,
To make you delusion free,
The Awaker has come.
Worshiped idols for a long time,
Duality uprooted, when got ‘Tattva’-prime,
To percept the oneness, The Awaker has come.(wake up)
Keep you aloof from attachment and detachment,
Except the preceptor none is benevolent.
To divert the cycle of birth and death,
The Awaker has come. (wake up)
Commune and come to take refuge in GOD,
Keep the Supreme KNOWLEDGE flag ferled,
To wipe out GODs without crowns,
To wash out wiched and to establish the Dharma,
The Awaker has come. (wake up)
To remove the Kaliyuga and to replace the Satyayuga,
The Awaker has come. (wake up)

Dear Truth Seekers, Inqusitives of GOD Brethrens !

My Dear Truth Seekers !
Hindu, Jain, Buddh, Jews, Christians, Sikh etc. etc. are not the names Dharma, but after the Preceptors these are, difference and struggle creating communities founded on their own accord whereas their leaders too, had not given the acceptance to do and to live in such a communal way. Undoubtedly all these communal situations of these Communal existences are against their leaders also. To remove such conditions even their leaders struggle throughout their life.
True Dharma accepted by the Vedas, Upnishads, Ramayana, Geeta, Puran, Bible, Quran, Gurugranth Sahib and so on so forth and founded and propagated by the incarnation like Shri Vishnu Ji- Ram-Krishna Ji and GOD's Messengers like Teerthankar, Siddharth (Budha), Moses, Christ, Mohammad Sahib and Nanakdev with ten Preceptors etc. and their foremost and Paramount achievement of Paramatma-Parmeshwar- ParamBramha-Arihant-Boudhisattva-Yahoa-GODAllahtaala- Ekoankar-Satsiri-Akaal-Paramtattvam- Dear Truth Seekers, Inqusitives of GOD Brethrens ! like-Aatmtattvam-Alif-Laam-Meem-the‘WORD’ (GOD)-Tauheed-Advaittattvam-Parampurush- Satpurush-Eternal Sovereign Power- Almighty Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan is really to know, to see and with conversation and to recognize and to indentify with authentication with scriptural citation and from purest concepts dedicating and taking refuge in ‘HIM’, with all feelings , blameless, determined to the Truth only , attached with the Salvation and Immortality - the highest and foremost law of life only , really for whole human being only , was only this ‘True Dharma’ , is and will remain also.
Keeping Arihant aside , Jainees after Mahaveer and Teerthankar; keeping Boudhisattva aside, Boudhas after Buddha; keeping GOD aside, Christian after Christ; keeping Allaahtaala-Khuda aside, Muslims after Mohammad; keeping Ek Oankar-Satsiri Akaal aside, Sikhas after Nanak Dev with ten Gurus so on so forth and many classes and castes which are established, all these are not Dharma but communities behind Dharma. In the present also , same communal situation are present after the so-called Guru and Sadguru same, the Pragya-Family, the Nirankar-Family, the Brahma Kumar-Kumari-Family, Osho Family etc-etc. have begun to establish on which if effective control did not take place, then same in future, taking the form of classes and communities, will give birth to bad circumstances. Really any may entangle in any society neither be called Dharmik(Religious) nor making his Supreme happy and cheerful can obtain as per the determined way certain benefit i.e. Salvation and Immortality. It is compulsory to be and to live indifferencely to get perfect gains.
You are Hindu or Jainee, Buddhas or Jews, you are Christian or Musalman or Sikh or the followers of Kabeer Sahib, it is not the matter of importance that all of you waste your all the time and fighting among themselves, differenciation themselves, differenciation themselves into castes and creed, class, big and small and division of gender but importance does lie here in the by any way, if ParamPrabhu-Parmeshwar or Salvation (PadNirvan) or BoudhiSattva or Yahoa or GOD-Father or Allahtaala or Ek Oankar-Satsiri Akaal or Satpurush or Parampurush (the SUPREME Almighty) named also Paramatma-Aatmtattvam-Bhagwattattvam-Khuda- GOD-Bhagwan is being achieved to see, to achieve, to identify and to recognize them one should do achieve ‘HIM’ as along Shri Vishnu-Ram-Krishna Ji, all the Seers, Maharshees, Mahaveer, Buddh, Ibrahim, Isac, Yacoob, Moses, Christ, Mohammad, Nanakdev, Kabeer etc. all are of the same intention only search to achieve, to recognize and broadcast that SUPREME Lord let be achieve and recognise and let human being take shelter in Him. It was only the aim and target of all.
Today socities of human being are engaged in establishing society , one after one , after the past inanimates idols, place and photos and are engaged in giving them importance. Whereas it was neither main thing nor is. The main thing is this that among the GOD and Godesses or Rishees-Maharshees of Hindus who will be angry , on the achievements and recognition of GOD ? What will be bad if they become angry ? Nothing will be bad because the aim of all was to achieve and recognise Parmeshwar- Paramatma and Parambramha only. In this same way after having the achievement and identification of the post of Nirvan (Salvation), What Theerthankar of Jain Mahatma will angry ? And if he becomes angry, what will be wrong ? Nothing. Because to give Salvation is the only aim of all Theerthankar. Again in this way , having got the essential concepts of the Supreme Essence , will Buddh be angry? If he does become angry ? will there be any thing wrong ? that is to say nothing will be wrong ; Because to achieve the perception of paramount Truth, indeed, was the target of Buddha. Although he had not achieved , only experience or the thought not the perception.
Again, likewise if one would get achievement, darshan and recognition of Yahoa, which Jews Prophets be angry ? Would Moses be angry ? And if becomes angry with, will there be something wrong ? Means there will be nothing wrong; because the purpose of Moses was also the achievement Darshan and recognition of Yahoa. Likewise GODAlmighty who is the Father of Jesus (Life Light), after knowing and achieving, will Jesus be angry ? And if he will be angry, will there be something wrong ? means there will be nothing wrong; because the purpose of Jesus was also the achievement and recognition of Parmeshwar (GOD-Father) and was only to obey and follow His commandments. Again likewise if Allahtaala would be achieved and seen and recongnized, would then, Ibrahim, Ishaq, Yaqoob etc. and Mohammad Saheb be angry ? And if there Prophets become angry towards the real achievement of Allahtaala, would there be something wrong ? means, there can be no wrong; because really achieving and recogniging Allahtaala only, to live and follow 'HIM' with full truthfulness and surrendership was the main purpose and aim of the prophets-- Ibrahim, Ishaq, Yaqoob etc. also. Likewise one achieves and recognize real 'Ek Oankar’ (Akaal Purush) will Gurus and Nanak Dev Ji be angry ? And if they become angry, what would be wrong ? means, there will be no harm. Because the achievement and recognition of 'Ek Oankar’ ( SatSiri- Akaal) only was their purpose and aim also.
Like wise recognizing 'Sat Loka' (Paramdham-Eternal Abode). Never ! because he was also of the purpose, to achieve and to recognize the Sat Purush or Param Purush, the Supreme LORD. In fact,
1. A True Hindu is he who is “Free from contaminated intentions , means who is ‘Faultless’ , principally virtuous-belonging to the process of Free-Immortal Life“.
2. A True Jainee is who knows how to get 'Arihant' and to achieve the KNOWLEDGE of real perception of 'Nirwan". A Jainy is , who knows the essence of the Truth .
3. A True 'Boudha" is who has a True KNOWLEDEGE and real perfection of 'Boudhi Sattva".
4. A True Jews is he who having faith and hope towards the system of 'Yahoa' (Parmatma- Alimghty Lord) follows and lives under only the commandments of 'Yahoa' not any one else.
5. A True Christian is he who really knows , sees and recognized the GOD-Father of Christ-- the 'WORD' both clearly, having faith and confirmity towards 'GOD' with surrendership and taking refuse in 'HIM'.
6. A True Muslim is he who with perfect honesty, surrenders and takes refuge to dedicate towards Allahtaala-Kal Alam (Allif- Laam-Meem) or on the path of Religion (Deen) with life and property.
7. A True Sikh is he who surrenders and takes refuge in 'Ekoankar- Satsiriakal' learning and knowing how to get and identify from Satguru, about inanimate world with body, Jeeva, Soul, Maya (the nature) and Paramatma (Creator) and His mercy and all.
Therefore, Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans says that really who is a True Hindu, he is even True Jainee; who is a True Jainee, he is even True 'Boudha; who is a True Boudha, he is even a True Jews ; who is a True Jews; he is even a True Christian; who is a True Christian, he is even a True Muslim; who is a True Muslim, he is even a True Sikh and who is a True Sikh, he is even a True Hindu, because Parmatma-Parmeshwar-Bhagwan- Arihant-Bodhisattva-Yahoa-GOD (Parmeshwar)- Allahataala and 'Ekoankar-Satsiriakaal'-Satpurush- Parampurush are not different and separate entity, but one to all the one with numerous names. Then where is the difference and how ?
Differences is a dire delusion, rooted in nescince which creates misleadig and this misleading is the root cause of all revolt and plundering and killing . Get up from differences to be True . We all are the progeny of ‘ONE’ GOD.Mutually , all of us belong to a single family.Create mutuality. Keep aloof from misleading ; because Truth is ‘ONE’ -- will remain 'ONE' ; remainder all is gossip. Truth, the 'ONE' has incarnated. Gossips have to perish.
Hindu, because Parmatma-Parmeshwar-Bhagwan- Arihant-Bodhisattva-Yahoa-GOD (Parmeshwar)- Allahataala and 'Ekoankar-Satsiriakaal'-Satpurush- Parampurush are not different and separate entity, but one to all the one with numerous names. Then where is the difference and how ? Differences is a dire delusion, rooted in nescince which creates misleadig and this misleading is the root cause of all revolt and plundering and killing . Get up from differences to be True . We all are the progeny of ‘ONE’ GOD.Mutually , all of us belong to a single family.Create mutuality. Keep aloof from misleading ; because Truth is ‘ONE’ -- will remain 'ONE' ; remainder all is gossip. Truth, the 'ONE' has incarnated. Gossips have to perish. Therefore, each and every one should accept that only ‘ONE’ Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan as once own patron deity , forgetting all the differences . Today, this is the only necessity and the importance lies in it also . On being late , repent will come to hand. Puff differece off. Puff the communal feeling off. That Parma Prabhu (Paramount) likewise Khuda-GODBhagwan, obtaining from I, Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans, veritably know, have a clear Darshan, and having conversation, make life-- the highest, the best and Supreme, blameless, truth centred attached with Salvation and immortality. Dharma is ‘ONE’ be one. Be ‘ONE’ and be good.


Earning for whole day, eating in the morning and evening,discharging in the evening and morning--- again earning the whole day, eating in morning and evening, discharging in the evening and morning--- over again eating in the morning and evening, discharging in the evening and morning--- again earning the whole day, eating in morning and evening, discharging in the evening and morning--receiving salary on the first, eating out upto thirtieth, carrying slavery all the thirty days out, likewise earning the whole day all the thirty days out, likewise earning the whole day, eating and discharging.....do.....,in if, passing ones all the life-action,sense gralification and death do only your aim , then take free-bread, cloth and house from me, devote your life here to me, so that I will associate and take all of you a head, step by step, repeatitively to Self Realization and making you aware of your life and showing you by Sceptal eye, Soul (illusively- ShivoHam, Descending So’Han , Ascending Han’So and in Reality ‘Sah’-Energy full with Light) by meditation or by making known and met, through Spiritualization and showing by Divine Eye, making experience of a achievement of peace and pleasure, and with Self and Soul, the Primal origin source of the whole existing mundane and the Paramatma- Parmeshwar-the dissolver of the world, through the medium of TATTVAGYAN - Satyagyan the KNOWLEDGE of GOD) the KNOWLEDGE of Khuda (Huruf-Mukattat) the Supreme KNOWLEDGE, step by step, making meet and know the three - Self , Soul and GOD , respectively and seperately and again making Darsahan and recognition , Clearly through the Eye of KNOWLEDGE and making persception of the ‘One Without Second‘ (Adwaittattvam)-Oneness - Tauheed will unite and lead your life for the highest fame and reputation with the protection campaign of the Dharma - Dharmatma and Dharti (Religion - Religious and the Earth) .
Let me repeat on thing again that only for bread , clothes and house , Don’t entangle your life in husbandry , business and service ; but hand it over to me , instead of which your Jiva (Self) wll get Salvation and to your life the highest glory and fame . What will you have to do in exchange of those , as your duty ? Having achieved GOD living under the Commandments of Khuda- GOD-Bhagwan you will have to live and act accordingly for the protection of Religion, Religious and the Earth-under the feeling of a surrendered devotee , fugitive and sevent . By Only the Mercy of GOD or by the Supremecy of ‘TATTVAGYAN’ will achieve , will achieve , will definitely achieve.
The so-called Preceptors or Master Preceptors (Gurus or Sadgurus) are misguiding their disciples by saying this that Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans does make full surrendership of body-mind-property of his disciples. He does never like his disciple to enjoy their family life and occupation whereas they (the so-called Preceptors) have provided full liberty to their worldly life, house and occupation.
The reply to the above,I, Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans, want to say as to what those Preceptors give to their disciples in lieu of their thousand-hundred or below, more or less offerings ? They neither give the KNOWLEDGE of the Self, the Soul and the GOD and nor do they make them see the Self, the Soul and the GOD, nor do the disciples, therefore, get perception of Salvation and Immortality.
Those Preceptors do not even know this that the three, the Self, the Soul and the GOD are one, two or three. Then what will they make one know and see ? Yes, one thing we get. My Guruji is a big personality. He has lakhs and crores of followers, property of millions and billions and hundreds and thousands of Ashrams here and abroad. This is for saying only. One gets nothing from it. Whatsoever you, therefore, offer to them, is wasteful. It is because you do not receive something from them. As to house-familyoccupation, would you tell me as to what Salvation is, when you are living in midst of meum-house and family and occupation. What is Salvation then ? When Salvation and Immortality are not in their hands, what can they do even ? Excepting taking excuse for a complete liberty. Know and see Sant Gyaneshwar ji that he gives such a KNOWLEDGE of TATTVAGYAN to this disciples all of them, really, do achieve the actual Darshan seprately of the Self, Soul and GOD with conversation, even the Darshan of the Virat Purush, (Cosmic Body ) mentioned in the Vedas, in the Ramayan and in the Gita, even the Darshan of Shri Vishnu-Ram and Shri Krishnaji not of the do and in photo form but in reality the Darshan of the essence (Tattva). Along with they achieve the perecption of the non duality as oneness the `Tauheed’ as Salvation and Immortality , obviously.
Do leave aside, any congregation of the disciples of the world, on the whole earth, even among their teachers and preceptors, not a single such personality is who would not even Kneel down before before his (Sant Gyaneshwarji) disciples; because his all disciples have achieved paramount and Perfect KNOWLEDGE, while all other teachers and preceptors are roaming and hanging in the darkness of their false and imperfect and partial KNOWLEDGE. Is there any one such personality on th earth who has the understanding and capacity to prove this statement false ? It is not an egoisticaly propagated discourse; but the real essence of the root of the paramount truth fulness. If there is anybody, inform me. I challenge to prove him false or imperfect by the grace of GOD and Supreme effect of ‘TATTVAGYAN

---- Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanandji Paramhans


Let me tell to the practicants of So’Han that So’Han is not at all Parmatma , purely not even Soul also. It is not even a practice of yoga (Sadhana) ; but it is life long , a state of being, for ever, up to the last moment of the life. The practice of So’Han is descending way of the Soul (Selfly Soul) . It is not the ascending way of the Self (Souly Self). The practice (23) GODly Message for a Successful Life of So’Han is never the TATTVAGYAN of Paramatma . Never ! Never it is so.
In SatYuga, only Shri Vishnuji, in TretaYuga only RamJi, and in DwaparYuga, only Shri Krishnaji were the incarnation of GOD. Then today, are all the creatures who belong to the inhaling breathe (‘Sah’) and exhaling breathe (‘Han’) ( because all the alive bodies belong to So’Han only ) incarnation of GOD ? shall we accept it ? No! No !! Never !!! Beacuse, So’Han is not Soul, even, while Supreme Almighty comes as incarnation . Self and Soul do not present as incarnate body. So’Han is not a practical action also. So’Han is not the resource of action, Even,it is certainly, a natural-position, in the continuous course of descending , going on in the inhaling and exhaling breath of each and every nesceint and non practicanat. It is not a practice even, how could be KNOWLEDGE ? .
The imagination of incarnation of such So’Han practicants is laughable . So’Han gurus do not even know , where from ‘Sah’ of the So’Han comes to enter the body , Through the medium of breathing and where to ‘Han’ of the So’Han goes , leaving the body through the medium of exhaling of the breathing ! O brethren ! Put off other talks . Those fellows do not even know that So’Han is the united form of two entities or the name of only one entity . If they call it two , how does So’Han mean Atma then ? Because Soul is one only if they accept it the name of only one , how is half to this side and half to that , ‘Sah’ of So’Han to this side and ‘Han’ of So’han to that side ! How is it?


Now a days , a great hypocrite and showy person , along with his society is engaged in propgation of So Called Gayatri , Sucking the property and religious sentiments of the society spreading like a shame less- Behaya Plant . The reality is that all of them are unaware of word meing of so called Gayatri .All of them, to the mantra of Oan devas (Oan Bhurbhuvash Swah tat Savituh Varenamyam Bhargo Devsya Dhimahi Diya Yonah Prachodyat) due to depicted in the Channada - Gaytari creating the imagainary form so called Gayatri Mantra , So Called Gayatri Devi , so called Gayatri Parivar etc. etc. Although like them in prior some folk had done so reffering toi the same ) had named Gayatri to that - (Gayatri Mantra ) removing gods and replacing their names with imaginary Gayatri Devi . Now all of you , Must pay a little attention on few of saying that-
It is not devilish to establish Devi and to propogate on the substitution of Oan Deva - the desired Deva displacing only because it is delivered in the Chhanda - Gayatri? In this Mantra Devi (Femine gender) bound ? When this mantra is Oan Deva (Masculine Gender) bound then from where this Devi (Fammine Gender) has come ? Would we call father as mother to get the love ? And would draw his male form photo into a female form ? Is this your custom ? Would we accept any imaginary woman form in place of fathers ? name and form ? And would we remove the real father ? Would we eliminate him? Would it be called the establishment of Devi culture in which we incorporate an imaginary goddess, eliminating Oan Deva ? Is it not devilish? Of Course. this is develish and anti-deity also? Is there any per( son to put the real solution of these quesetion of mine? For the sake of truthfulness and ownness you are requested to pay heed for the significance of real recognition of the aforesaid Mantra (the name Oan Deva and the Bhargodevsaya I the form of Oan Deva ) abstaining from antideity and devilishness nor to imaginary so called Gayatri Mantra in the form of name and Devi , Based on fully faslehood .In order to know theTruth , It is not appropriate and enough to rely upon many instances of many scripurtes or upon the statements of prevoius Rishis and Maharishis in order to know the Truth . wisdom lies not in it that one shoul follw blindly to what ever one says . Try to know and to see the meaining and purport of the Mantra and its patron goal yourself as to the patron goal of the Mantra is Deva (Masculine ) or Devi (Faminine). Is it not the sucking up of the money and Religious sentiment of public and their mind and to convene so called Religous conventions to collect only for abundant of money and causing their followers to beg in the name of subscription offering them commision as the servants , for the filling of their false ambition?
To save the masses from such sucking up undoubtedly , join my campaign cordially to accquire fame and reputaion and by unveiling the develish propogation , keeping the Truthfulness , among public life , engage yourselves and cause to engage to engage to protect them for their expolitation.
The person who proves the aforesaid declaration wrong on the basis of scriptures and practical will be vouch safed Rs 51000/- (Rs Fifty one Thousand ) so that he can journey fro examination from any corner of the world and we will surrender ourselves to him and take his shelter, But in case to the guranteed Truth, if it is absolutely True , the investigator too, must dedicate and take refuge to the declarer compulsorily and to live with him. All’s by the Mercy of GOD.


Alot of wealth and prosperity, a large number of disciples and followers, asylms and mansions, many floors beautiful buildings and all round (28) GODly Message for a Successful Life propagation neither is the recognition of the incarnation, at any time, and nor in even the present period can be `TATTVAGYAN’ alone, belonging to the paramount truth, supremacy and perfection has been being only the source of recognition of the incarnation of GOD, and the same way is at present also.
I, Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanandji Paramhans, has a clear persistence from all the teachers, precepters and so called GODs and follower disiples of all groups, community and sect and scriptures that all of you should, winding up from your worldly prestige and seriousness, value your development and achievement, on the basis of thinking , spirituality and essentiality.
The sight of a great sage, religious and GODly incarnation should not be only materialistic or worldy.e.g. the number of our followers is very big or our mission has got, a very big width or has obtained very great honour and prestige; therefore, we are `True’-it is not the method of valuation of the.`The Truth’ `The Truth’ for ever, the `Truth’ remains only ‘’, is only ‘ONE’ and will remain only ‘ONE’ .
We should observe our principles of origin and value our up lift,importance and achievments on the basis of our scriptures; because the body and the association and its materialistic development and the achievements of the worldly honour and prestige. All these have never, been a touch stone of religion. The real touch stone (KNOWLEDGE) of religion or the real method of `Truth’ should stand on the basis of the KNOWLEDGE of Jeeva-Rooh- Self and Atma-Eshwar-Brahma-Noor-Soul-Spirit- Enlightened Shiva and Paramatma-Parameshwar- Parambrahma-Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-the greatgreat Father (Self -Oan and Paramtattvam the aspect of Father of So’Han) the three respectively be known by Self-Realization and Yoga or Spiritualization and True - Supreme and Perfect KNOWLEDGE) in which the three should be seen respectively while debating obviously that Is we Jeeva-Rooh-Self or Atma-Eshwar- Brahma-Noor- Soul -Spirit-enlightened Shiva or that `Ham’ (Body) Paramatma-Parameshwar-Parambrahma-Khuda- GOD-Bhagwan ? It Means who is the real `Ham’ among the three ? Such a KNOLWLEDGE of the `TATTVAGYAN’ will be really true and the achievement of all the above mentioned only is the real method of valuation of the `Truth’ ! .


All of you should never forget a talk that in the begining, when you forwarded to accept the religion or when you began to follow the path of religion then you teachers and preachers ; So called GODs and the follower disciples (lover of religion and religious men) had not come with the aim of to collect the wealth and public gathering, to erect magnificient asylums or to be propagated and broad casted far and wide and to earn alot of honour and prestige. All of you had accepted righteousness to get `KNOWLEDGE’-’TATTVAGYAN’, you had accepted (KNOWLEDGE) to know, to see and to recognize your own Self-means to Know, See and recognize your `Ham’-Jeeva -Rooh-Self, after that Knowing and seeing your Atma-Noor-Soul-enlightend Shiva separately, to get Darshan-to see face to face GOD clearly, while talking as well as to get the perception of salvation and immortality ! Is it not so ? Thereafter, now why did you mislead from your principal aim, after the false delusive attracation i.e. wealth gathering of men, asylums and honour and prestige etc. How much money, all of you have that you bewildered from the perception of the achievement of GOD and the salvation and immortality, universally, which was your principle aim ? Have you more riches than Kuber ? No ! Never !!
How many men (followers disciples) have you made ? Are they more than Indra, the King of devas belonging to thirty three crores of followers ? No ! Never !!
How much consummation capacity have you achieved ? Have you achieved more than Yamaraj the death aspect of all and Shiva the destroyer of the creation ? No ! Never !!
How many asylums have you constructed ? Have you constructed more than the Vishvakarma the Brahma the creator of the universe? No ! Never !! How many followers disciples do come after and live behind you? Are they more than ten thou( sand followers (disciples) of Durbassa ? No ! Never !!
When Indra-the king of thirty three crore deity is not GOD even, When Yamaraji the death giver, is not GOD even when Uma, Rama and Brahmaniji are not GOD even Shivaji, the director of all the consummation and the destroyer of the creation is not GOD even.Then once see towards yourself ! when wealth (Kuber), population (Indra) , asylums (Brahma) and even honour and prestige (Mahadeva- Mahesh) are not Almighty Lord or Incarntion then, who are you and what is your place ? Let us see ! up to what time, would the false validity prevail?
When the above mentioned Kubera, Indra, Yamaraj, Shankerji, Vishwakarma, Brahamaji, Durbasa etc. did not call them selves Bhagwan- Incarnation of GOD nor declared themselve GOD or made others call (declare) GOD, why do all of you do so ? Why do you engage yourself to be declared and called so ? Were these not belonging to Oan ? Were these not belonging to So’Han-Han’So ? Were these not to be called perfect powerful and governing bodies and Spiritualized ? Were these not having the so called capability of the Gayatri ? Were these not belonging to Shiv-the aspect of Jyoti-Vindu (the point of light).
Once, Keeping abit aside, from your ego and pride, try to see yourself. Then you will be aware of it, Oan, So’Han-Han’So-Shiva the aspect of Jyoti-Vindu (Shiva-point of light) was neither GOD nor is and will be.The grand-grand Father of Oan, the Father of So’Han-Han’So, with all the powers, Atma-Eshwar- Noor-Soul-Divine Light-the Father of Shiva-the aspect of Jyoti Vindu and the creater-operator and destroyer of all the creation in the form of Paramatattvam, the aspect of Atmatattvam, in the ‘WORD’ form-Alam-GOD the aspect of Parameshwar only was Bhagwan, is and will remain also. It will be beneficial for all to accept ‘HIM’ alone.
GOD and GODs incarnation is not a post to make and to be made .GOD’s Incartion is an alone, eternal post of all the universe concerning which, there are fully definite and absolutely clear rules and regulations in scriptures. It ought to be mine as well as yours main duty, to maintain the prestige of this highest, most consummate and paramount post according to mine and yours capability, continuously for its publicily and propagation. “For mine and yours pary selfish purpose and false ambition. I and you ought not let this highly revered post be disgraced. Particularly, remaining truth bound and to follow it only, is the highest gain,” In it only, hides the highest gain of all. Be good. Honesty, truthfulness, continence and the service, these are the best fruits. Brethen ! if you like it to accept, accept it ! GOD will remain ever helpful. If you don’t understand, don’t be careful, you will be a laughing matter in the world.
-- Be aware! Be aware !! Be aware !!!

Ask yourself that the aim is to achieve the preacher only or to achieve Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan with an obvious vision while talking with a clear perception of salvation and immortality ?
In the world, at a time there becomes thousand and thousand preachers but Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan for ever was one, is only one, and will remain only one also. Then again when `He’ becomes exclusively, only one, then who is true only, will be a (35) GODly Message for a Successful Life preacher and remainder all, in complete fraudulent and hypocrite. Is this not only correct that in search of GOD only, even real and true preacher will come in hand, but attachment with the teacher only, neither bring the achievment of GOD, nor true preacher and nor even salvation. Then, again, what will be the use of devotion and service ? Nothing . Then again what is the need of a peacher ? Will without the achievement of GOD, life without salvation, do remain, useless not pass away without meaning and without result ?
Important Note:- If you remained attached, no matter, either with how much high feeling felt devotion and service after incomplete, false and incapable teachers, way wardly, its all responsibility falls on all of you. It never gives Salvation and Khuda- GOD-Bhagwan is not responsible for it. Yours whole devotion and service attached life, remain useless if the truth will not be accepted yours and of all the highest well wisher and best relative-

---- Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanandji Paramhans


From Holland - Prof.Gerard Craysah -has cleary foretold that --

In India, such a Divine Soul has taken birth who in future, will be a leader to direct the world the path of the truth.

Downfall of the Christianity and the Beginning of the New Era-

People will reject the churches made of old Roman fashioned. Accepiting, even their ancient manly or pityful rules and regulations, they will reject or turn out, near about all the ways (‘Pathes’) of their sages and accept the new opinions.

The Foretellings of Nastardamas-- Centuary 2/8-

In a polite Brahmin family, a great Soul has taken birth who will begin, direct and control the great Religious-Revolution. With `Him’ will be the power of active Souls who will change the vicious circumtances of the world.

John Diction (America) says that --

In the mean time, the effort of a religious man, born in a small village of India, will increase not only in India, but in other countries also. This man will bethe greatest massiaha GOD messenger of the history, parallel to all the constitution of the world. He will erect manly contitution. In witch there, a highest judiciary and the form of the one union flag Through the effect of this effort, there will start compelition among human beings of continence, character, good conduct , justice, principles, renunciation and kindness.
At present the world , not even imagines the form and feature of which culture and religion, that religion will prevail fast and that will spread all over the world. This religion cuture will belong to india and and this massiah (Messenger of GOD) who has been engaged himself to make the foundation strong of this coming revolution, belongs to india, too .

Anderson (Canada)---

Says that the change of the era is the own desire of GOD and it will not stop. He will change this era, surely, There is no doubt.

The Editor of Healing Life preacher- John Melordhas also written--

Accepting the change of era. At present worldly problems are so intricate that they can not be solved with the help of manly wisdom and power. Peace in world, now, is out of the power of man even though we should not be hopeless, because such points are coming that GOD Himself has come on the earth and He has engaged with His helping potencies in the efforts of the foundation of the Religion, His intellectual and religious capability will prove the fact of ‘His’ being Incarnation. This protcetor of the world can not remain hidden under the curtain for a long time.

The Famous Writter of France - Dr. Pulbarn Says that--

The most powerful personality of the history has came. Very soon, He will change the world His revolution of KNOWLEDGE will arise and like tempest, it will spread all over the world, In one side, struggle will be going on, like this and in the other side, a quite new Religious Revolution will stand before, which will disclose new mystries about soul and the Supreme Lord. The Science will verify it. As a result, heterodoxy and opposite thinkers will go to perish slowly. And in their place reverence, Love of GOD, justice, ethics, discipline and the duty bound feeling will evolve automatically. These changes can bring forth the base of world peace.
Such a sound of changing, from where, it will come forth and who will be its leader, when it was asked Dr.Jule born said - As I feel this Knowledge (Religious) revolution, will take place from India, About its direction, I have a different thinking than Jeen Diction that is this that that personality has come, in India before 1962.

Prof. Harrar (Israel) says-

Divine bodied personality has descended on the Earth. He will fill the heart of all with happiness and remove all the afflictions. He will alone maintain injust and terrorists.

---- Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanandji Paramhans