Kalki Avatar -- Present Incarnation of God

GOD is not the body but a supreme power. He is unique Parmatattvam as Atmtatattvam shabdroop Bhagawatattvam. GOD is a resident of Paradise (supreme abode sky). GOD as Parmatattvam does not reside in any materialistic body even in yogi, sage, deity, Narada, Shankar and Brahma. Not even on earth HE does not live in heaven or Brahma lok. Although all the sage, saint, sadhak & Prophet etc. have not even declared soul as GOD due to mistake, ignorance and confusion and also declared GOD being in all materialistic bodies and in particles which is completely wrong. Almost all holy books are written by these people. As GOD is not a perishable object so that it can be perished by these materialistic, spiritualistic and yogis.

Whenever these people collectively declare GOD as oam & aham brahmasmi in materialistic perception and as Soham-Hanso and Shiv Jyoti (Divine light) in spiritualistic perception by destroying the original form of GOD, then the resident of Paradise (supreme abode sky) GOD incarnates on earth with a special body with the aim of saving the righteous people and to reestablish the original existence of GOD by destroying the people who are trying to destroy his original form.

Until GOD works on this earth with a special body till that time materialistic people struggle with him and follow the devil's customary and spiritualistic people keep quite and follow the customary of yogi's and sage's

Finally when GOD'S body gets to its aim then spiritualistic people like Narada, Valmiki and Vyass declare the system told by GOD as righteousness which is Sanatan Dharma. By giving them the form of written scripture they create holly books like Veda, Upanishad, Ramayana, Gita -- Puran, the Bible and the Koran, etc. GOD'S mysterious information as it is can be given GOD only.GOD never ever lives in any creature's body and also does not live on the whole earth. HE only lives in HIS Paradise(supreme abode sky).

Whenever atrocity and mismanagement arise on the earth and goes out of control from humans and Deities, then after hearing the elegiac calling of devotees, GOD incarnates on the earth. It is impossible to describe of actual form of GOD because nothing in this world can be compared with GOD.

GOD Himself is without any Name-Form but all the names and forms of this world are originated from Him as well as merged into Him through the Tattvagyan(True Knowledge), means all "I", "You", "Oam"- "Aham Brahmasmi" and "Soham" also originated form GOD. Through Tattvagyan(True Knowledge) we can clearly see and know Jiva(Self) apart form the Body, Soul apart from Jiva(Self) and everything being merged into GOD.Purushottam Avatari (GOD's incarnation) is also identified by the Tattvagyan(True Knowledge). Seeing and Knowing Tattva by Tattva and being Tattvamay to know and see yourself is called Tattavgyan.

Kalki Avatar -- Present Incarnation of God part -1

वास्तव में सत्संग का अर्थ - सत्य का संग ही होता है | ओर सत्य भगवान ही है, भगवान के सिवाय अन्य कोई अथवा कुछ भी सत्य नहीं होता | क्योंकि शाश्वत, एकरूपता, अपरिवर्तनशीलता, मुक्त, अमरता, सर्वोच्चता, सर्वोत्कृष्टता एवं सर्वोत्तमता—लक्षणों से युक्त जो है, वह ही सत्य है और सत्य ही भगवान—खुदा—गाड है तथा एकमात्र उसी का संग—लाभ ही सत्संग है | किसी भी सूरत में सत्संग के बगैर भगवद दर्शन प्राप्ति एवं पहचान हो ही नहीं सकता है | भगवान को प्राप्त करने, यथार्थत: जानने—समझने—पहचानने हेतु सत्संग एक अनिवार्यत: पहली सीढ़ी है , जिसके बगैर भगवद ज्ञान रूप तत्त्वज्ञान रूप सत्य ज्ञान की प्राप्ति व पहचान हो ही नहीं सकता है; जब कभी भी भगवद ज्ञान की प्राप्ति व पहचान होगी, तो एक मात्र सत्संग से ही; अन्यथा कदापि नहीं; कदापि नहीं |

सत्संग पृथ्वी का प्राय: सबसे दुर्लभ पद्धति—विधान है, जिसको सही रूप भगवदावतार के सिवाय न तो कोई जानता ही है और न तो कोई जना—सुना ही सकता है | सत्संग सुनानें का भी अधिकार एकाधिकार रूप में भगवदावतार का ही है | भगवदावतार के सिवाय सत्संग किसी भी अन्य को सुनाने—जनाने का अधिकार ही नहीं है क्योंकि भगवदावतार के सिवाय यथार्थत: भगवान को जानता ही कौन है कि भगवान के सम्बन्ध में सत्संग करेगा ?

अब आप लोगों को अवश्य ही जान समझ लेना चाहिये कि वास्तव में सत्संग कितना दुर्लभ होता है कि जब—जब भगवदावतार होगा, मात्र तब तब ही असल सत्संग भी मिलेगा, अन्यथा नहीं |

—————————संत ज्ञानेश्वर स्वामी सदानन्द जी परमहंस (कलियुगीन एकमेव एक पूर्णावतार)

Kalki Avatar - Present Incarnation of "GOD"

There are Four Systems under the 'Absolute KNOWLEDGE or the Supreme KNOWLEDGE or TATTVAGYAN' of the Supreme Lord, the Almighty Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan.

GOD dwells not in HIS OWN Creation.Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan is ONLY 'ONE' and HE does not live in everyone's heart.GOD is ONLY ONE and HE is also called Parmatma, Parmeshwar, Parambramha, Haqtaala-Allaahtaala, Supreme Almighty Lord, Yahoa, Arihant, Bodhisattva, SatSiriAkaal, Ekonkaar, Parampurush, Satpurush, Ahoormazda etc.

GOD incarnates down onto this earth only once an era. HE is not Oan or So'Han-Han'So-Jyoti or Divine Light. HE is not even Shiv. According to Bible, In the Beginning was the 'WORD', the 'WORD' was with GOD and the 'WORD' was GOD.

The Self is not the Soul and the Soul is not the GOD. These all are distinctly and separately three.

GOD is not omnipresent in the sense that HE is every where. HE is omnipresent by the fact that HE surrounds the creation. HIS Power is everywhere. GOD is the Source of all Powers and Souls. Everything is created from, by and within GOD.

System of Supreme Knowledge

Today, all governments of the world are bothered with the problems of population, unemployment, hunger, crime, corruption, etc. Why they are bothered with the population. 7 billion is nothing, even if the population of the world becomes 7 trillion that should not be a problem. There will not be anyone useless. There will not be anyone unemployed. There will not be anyone criminal. No one will die hungry. There will not be any litigation. There will not be any kind of enmity. Even there will not be any kind of suffering and disease. These things are not a blank fantasy or a dream. These things are not saying of any astrologers or predictors, this is GOD's open declaration, open proclamation and an open challenge to all the governments of this world. But only in one condition that the System of Supreme Knowledge (Vidyatattvam Paddhti) must be implemented in place this current wrong and corrupt education system. No matter how strict legislation is, until the mentality of a person does not change nothing can be changed and mentality changes through the system of right education. The root cause of all problems is wrong and corrupt education System. This is the reason because of which world has reached on the verge of destruction. The only way to avoid this destruction is to implement the System of Supreme Knowledge effectively with rapidity. This declaration of Truth is told by GOD Himself. Which will result in peaceful kingdom and everyone will follow truth, righteousness, justice and morality with fearlessness. Hearing of untruth, injustice and atrocity will not be possible. There will be a kingdom of Super Beings. Only the System of Supreme Knowledge can end untruth, injustice, immorality etc.The System of Supreme Knowledge is a universal system which runs this world and which includes the actual Knowledge of everything form atom to Almighty that means actual Knowledge of world, body, self, soul and GOD. The system is divided into four categories:

1 - Education -- The study of all physical things related to body and world, come under education.

2 - Self Realization -- The study of self (Jiva or Rooh) which runs the body, comes under Self Realization.

3 - Spiritualization -- The Study of Soul (Aatma or Noor) which maintains the position of self (Jiva or Rooh) within the body and provides the capacity to run the body, comes under Spiritualization.

4 - Tattvagyan (True, Supreme and Perfect Knowledge) -- The True Knowledge of GOD (Parmeswar and Khuda), who creates the entire universe, comes under Tattvagayn.

Thus understanding the entire universal system if human lives his life accordingly then no further problems will arise. Without understanding the system if we live in arbitrary manner problems will definitely arise.

Kalki Bhagwan : Secrets of "Tattvagyan" Supreme Knowledge...


1. EDUCATION : Education is that lowest part of 'ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE' under which we know, see and gain any thing or position in between the world or the Universe or Bramhand and the body. This is 'by the senses and of the senses' of the body. All such education-based achievements are upto the body only. Education is also called Shiksha in Sanskrit and Hindi.

2. SELF REALIZATION : Self Realization is the second system under 'ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE' under which we know, see and gain any thing and the position of Self. Self Realization is based on 'by the Self, for the Self and of the Self'. Self Realization is secondly called 'Swaddhyaya' in Sanskrit and Hindi which means 'the study of the Self (swa ka addhyana vidhaan)'.

3.SPIRITUALIZATION OR YOGA : The System under which we know, see and gain any thing or position of the Soul is Yoga or Spiritualization. This is based on 'by the Soul, for the Soul and of the Soul. The Soul is not Perfect, hence Liberation and Immortality (Mukti and Amartaa) are not achieved under this system. Spiritualization is also known as 'Addhyatma' which means 'towards Aatma (Aatma ki our)'

4. THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SUPREME OR TATTVAGYAN : The Supreme System under which we meet, know, see, conversate with and gain any thing or the position of 'GOD' is called' the KNOWLEDGE of the SUPREME' or the 'KNOWLEDGE of the GOD or simply Tattvagyan'. This is based on 'by the GOD and for the GOD' only. This is the only System which is 'True, Supreme and Perfect'. Other methods and principles are imperfect. Therefore 'Liberation and Immortality' or Mukti and Amartaa is never gained under any other system else. These are gained in this very Supreme System. 'The KNOWLEDGE of GOD' or 'the Supreme KNOWLEDGE' is also known as 'Tattvagyan' in Sanskrit and Hindi and 'Khudai Elm' in Arbi and Urdu. All the secrets of the whole existences lie in it and is clearly perceivable in one's front in this very System and no where else.

The Method under which we know and see the Self is called 'Self Realization' not 'Spiritualization' or 'KNOWLEDGE or Tattvagyan'.

The Method by which we know and see the Soul is called only 'Yoga or Spiritualization', not Self Realization or 'KNOWLEDGE'. However, Self Realization is already covered by 'Spiritualization or Addhyatmya'. Similarly. the Supreme System under which we meet with, know, see and conversate with GOD is known as 'KNOWLEDGE or Tattvagyan' alone, not 'Self Realization' or 'Spiritualization'. However, Education, Self Realization and Spiritualization, all these three are covered within the 'KNOWLEDGE'. Therefore, 'KNOWLEDGE' alone is PERFECT.

If you want to know anything fundamentally or to get the 'position of GOD or SUPREME, you must get 'Tattvagyan' only because nothing is left unknown fundamentally if you get Tattvagyan which is all the Perfect. Then you will find yourself becoming as Perfect as a Supreme Person after getting this Tattvagyan or this KNOWLEDGE.

Dharm Yatra, Prayag-2012

सच्चा धर्म 'एक' ही है, अनेकानेक नहीं !

वास्तव में 'धर्म' एक सत्य-प्रधान, दोष-रहित, सर्वोच्च, उन्मुक्त अमर जीवन विधान है'' जिसमें साम्प्रदायिकता का लेशमात्र भी स्थान नहीं है। हाँ ! आजकाल यह बात अवश्य हो गयी है कि मिथ्या महत्तवाकाँक्षी लोग 'धर्म' के नाम पर साम्प्रदायिकता रूपी चादर को ओढ़ कर स्वार्थपूर्ति रूपी रोटी सेंकने में लगे हुए हैं जिसका दुष्परिणाम है कि 'धर्म' बदनाम हो रहा है जबकि 'धर्म' जो सदा से ही वास्तव में सत्य प्रधान एक ही रहा है और सच्चाई पूर्वक देखा जाए तो 'धर्म' एक ही है और वह यही है कि 'धर्म' एक सत्य प्रधान, दोष-रहित, सर्वोच्च एवं उन्मुक्त अमर जीवन विधान है ।'

आजकल जो हिन्दू-मुस्लिम-सिक्ख-ईसाई आदि-आदि नामों पर 'धर्म' का जो वर्गीकरण किया गया है, वास्तव में वह (हिन्दू-धर्म, ईसाई धर्म, मुस्लिम धर्म, सिक्ख धर्म आदि-आदि तथाकथित भेद वाची नाम) 'धर्म' नहीं, बल्कि सम्प्रदाय हैं। सच्चा 'धर्म' तो वास्तव में 'सत्य-सनातन धर्म' है जो मूल-भूत सिध्दान्त रूप 'एको ब्रम्ह द्वितीयोनास्ति' तथा कर्म-अध्यात्म और तत्त्वज्ञान रूप तीन पध्दतियों वाला तथा 'असदोमासद्गमय (असत्य नहीं, सत्य की ओर चलें'), तमसोमाज्योतिर्गमय (अन्धकार नहीं, प्रकाश की ओर चलें) और 'मृत्योर्माऽमृतंगमय (मृत्यु नहीं, अमरता की ओर चलें)' प्रधान-विधान है ।

सन्त ज्ञानेश्वर स्वामी सदानन्द जी परमहंस

Paakhandi Guru "Satpal Ji Maharaj" kaa Pardafash ...



Sadguru does not make His disciples to chant any Mantra like Lord Vishnu-Ram-Krishnaji did in previous eras. Sadguru makes one to become a unified devotee of GOD.

Sadguru does not impart disciples a Fractional Knowledge in His Deeksha or in His Practical Session. He imparts "True, Supreme and Perfect KNOWLEDGE" at one time.

Sadguru does not keep the disciples away from any achievement or put any achievement aside for later days. He provides all the Perfect Achievements at the same time by imparting "ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE" including Direct Perception of "Liberation & Immortality" in this very life.

Sadguru does not make one to chant a Mantra or to meditate upon Light. He imparts 'KNOWLEDGE (Gyan)' to make His disciples perfectly doubtless.

Sadguru cannot make His disciples to involve in Maya. He bestows the Gyan Drishti (Eye of Knowledge) to see this world's existence as false (Mitthya) and unreal like a cinemographic play.

Sadguru does not keep the disciples away from knowing the technique of being outside of the body to see one's Self and to roam here and there. He bestows the Sceptal Eye so that the disciple can use his/her body like a shirt (a cloth wear).

Sadguru provides the disciples the Divine Eye to see the Soul in form of the Divine Light as and when he/she likes in his/her life long.

Sadguru bestows Gyan Drishti (Supremely Eye) to His disciples so that he/she can see the Virat Form or the Universal Form of Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan and so that he/she can talk to Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan immediately in front.

Sadguru makes the disciples a Perfect Gyani to face any question of doubt from the public to respond authentically. Sadguru makes His disciples a unified devotee of GOD only.

All the above achievements has been given by Kalki Avatar at His Practical Sessions for surrendered devotion and service of Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan. Nothing is kept for later days.

Worship, prayer,devotion and service-- why for incapable, inefficient and imperfect ? Why not exclusively for the Supremely Capable, True and Perfect Virat Bhagwan, the Universal GOD ? (BhagwadPuran 12/12/66 & Geeta 13/11-12-13)