A Truthful Message of Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanandji Paramhans to the World

Truth seeking Inquisitives ! Here is one suggestion to all of you that I have one Supreme System of 'ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE' called 'Tattvagyan' under which complete fundamental knowledge of all the existences from atom to the Almighty or from cell to the Supreme with all their secrets is included and covered, that is, with that Tattvagyan one may achieve the as-it-is knowledge and practically and separately perceive.

1. Body alongwith physical world;
2. Self (or Jeeva or Rooh)
3. Soul-Aatma- Eeshwar-Bramha- Noor-Divine Light (Descending So'Han, Ascending Han'So but factually Sah)
4. GOD or Parmatma- Parmeshwar- Parambramha- Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan or Adwaittattavam-like-Aatmatattvam

--- all these four entities with

1. Education;
2. Self Realization;
3. Spiritualization and
4. True, Supreme and Perfect KNOWLEDGE ( or Tattvagyan), the four Systems.

One may also conversate with GOD with respect to HIS Identification and also examine with Vedas, Upnishads, Ramayana, ShrimadBhagwad Geeta, Qurraan, Bible or GuruGrangh Saheb etc. like Narad-Garun, Laxman-Hanuman and Arjun-Gopies did. One may also achieve the direct Perception of 'liberation & Immortality' or Salvation. All these are based on acute curiousity, forced faithing and absolute surrendership & refuge. Thousands of Inquisitives from all sects of the society have already received this Tattvagyan. Giving all the expenses, I, with all of my society members shall surrender to the fellow who will proove it false. But if is comes to be theoretically and practically True in all respects, the fellow who accepts this challenge must absolutely surrender himself/herself to and in refuge of GOD for the protection of 'Dharma-Dharmatma-Dharti' (or for the protection of True Religion, the Religious and the Earth) either singly or with family.

Here I want to surely narrate that this Tattvagyan ( the True, Supreme and Perfect KNOWLEDGE) with which one receives 'All the Perfect' perfectly, is not at all available with anyone else on the whole earth. If any one declares that he or she has It with him or her, I must, for the Supreme Welfare of the masses, announce that he or she is solely telling a lie. Such a false declarer deceives the society. Certainly there must be a very high ambition of such a declarer behind it. Now if any one consider me as a calumniator, a complaint maker, an exposer of other's inferiority or as an egoist, then for the Welfare of the masses I shall have to ask you as to what should I say if Truth is like this. Should I continue the society to remain deceived ? Should I not let the society know the facts ?

Once again I am telling you that this 'Tattvagyan (the True, Supreme and Perfect KNOWLEDGE)' is not with any one else. If any one says that it is he or she who has, then I am rather ready to proove his or her declaration false theoretically and practically as well and I promise too that I shall fulfill the condition of surrendership to the fellow who prooves my aforesaid statement false.

Lastly, I must say that I am not a criticizer, nor am I a censor or opposer of any, but a helper and a support of all. You may examine with authencity of scriptures in a peaceful manner. But please note that speaking truth is my nature and duty which I shall be performing for ever, may it be ill or nice to any. So, for the protection of 'Dharma-Dharmatma- Dharti' (or for the protection of True Religion, the Religious and the Earth) and for abolishing untruth, irreligion, injust and misconduct and subsequently for establishing truth, religion, just and virtures on the whole earth, I shall always be speaking truth.

Make your life a success and worthful. Adopt GODly Grace-like-Supremely KNOWLEDGE (Tattvagyan). Not to false and highly ambitious Gurus, be surrendered and remain in shelter of Supreme Almighty GOD. This is your successful and worthful life, otherwise not. Be aware and try to understand before time is over. See the fundamental secrets of all. Help the Self or the Jeeva achieve Salvation. Make your life pious. This is the aim of your life. I say to know the truth. Recognize GOD Who bestows Liberation and Immortality. Rigidness does not provide Salvation, Salvation is always with KNOWLEDGE. Give up false Gurus, be related with GOD only. All's Mercy of GOD.

---- Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanandji Paramhans