I, Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans, on the basis of GOD's Grace and Supremely KNOWLEDGE-like-’TATTVAGYAN’, declare challengedly that Sai Baba, Sri Balyogeshwarji, Mahavatar Baba, descending So'Han practicants like Satpal, Anand Murtiji, Avadhoot Ram, Mahesh Yogi, Lekhraj, Jay Gurudev, Sriram Sharma, Murai Bapu, Asaram Bapu, Pandurang Shastri etc. etc. self-styled GODly Incarnations exhibit false and illusive GODlihood altogether. All of them are proud of false egoism. They are not at all Incarnations of GOD, nor do they have Supreme KNOWLEDGE-like-TATTVAGYAN.


Of these, Sai Baba has attained some Siddhi who may be said to be an accomplished Mahatma; he is not even a Spiritualist. Mahesh Yogi, Rajneesh, Jay Gurudev, Mahavatar Baba and the like are only thinkers mixed with Spiritualism. They are not even pure Knowers of Spiritualism. Murari Bapu and Asaram Bapu are mere covetous and highly ambitious tale-telling scripturalists because these people do not deliver their discourses without fees. On the one hand, they charge fees and on the other, they keep donation-boxes in their Pandals and thirdly they are also selling cassettes, books and churan. By delivering tales on the Gita and Ramayan, Murari Bapu and Aasharam Bapu have heen becoming GODly Incarnations. They do not get benefit in being called and in remaining tale-tellers. The truth is that not only they do not know ‘TATTVAGYAN’ and 'Spiritualization', but also they do not have any idea about 'Self-Realization'. They are all greedy and covetous. They have made Dharma as a money collecting trade. All self-declared Knowers of Spiritualism (Addhyatma Vetta) like Shri Balyogeshwarji and Satpal etc. cannot be called as Knower of Spiritualism because Spiritualism (Addhyatma) makes the Self (Jeeva) Souly (Aatmamaya) while taking it towards Soul (Aatma), whereas they follow the descending process of drawing the Soul (Aatma) towards the Self (So'Han) to make It Selfly (Jeevamaya). When they are not real Knowers of Spiritualism (AddhyatmaVettas), how are they Knowers of Tattva (TattvaVettas) whereas 'Tattva' is the Father of Addhyatma? Whilst they do not know Spiritualism truly and perfectly, how can they know any thing about ‘TATTVAGYAN’ altogether? Though they regard So'Han practice to be ascending, it is, in fact, a descending one. The same descending practice is also considered by them to be ‘TATTVAGYAN’ which is actually not so. But by mere such consideration, So'Han does not become Tattvagyan. The truth is that they are not even purely Souly, what to speak of their being GODly ! Look at Satpat, now he has formed a secular political party.

Both Anandmurti and Avadhootram were Tantriks mixed with spiritualism; Avadhootram -- of mainly Tantra mixed with Yoga and Anandmurti -- of mainly Spiritualism mixed with Tantra. Let us now talk about Sriram Sharma. He was totally an ostentatious, fraudulent, hypocrite and full of falsehood. He was not aware of the exact meaning of so-called Gayatri Mantra propagated by him even. He was a deity- opponent and extremely irreligious. His deity-opponence with so-called Gayatri propagation have now been taken up by his followers.

Prajapita Bramha Kumaris have left Sriram Sharma behind in respect of ostentation, fraudulence and hypocrisy, because they have started declaring the Geeta to be the sayings of Shiv, whereas the whole world accepts that the Geeta Gyan was imparted by Lord Krishnaji to Arjun. They declare Jyotirvindu to be Parampita Shiv, while Parmatma is Bhagwattattvam-like-Father of Jyotirvindu-like-Shiv (Aatma). Don't ask about the aimless people like Aryasamajis and Nirankaris and delusive masses like Radha Swamis. All of them are spreading irreligion by entangling the masses into aimlessness, goallessness and delusion. Aryasamajis are like termites (worms) of Dhrama, while Nirankaris are atheists and blind showers of path and take Radha Swamites as spider in the web who themselves cannot come out of the web, and for those who have got entangled in that very web, it becomes equally difficult for them also to come out.


Neither of the above has such knowledge or courage that any one of them or all together can, in presence of media persons too, have as-it-is face-to-face talks with Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans on the basis of true scriptural authenticity and on practical grounds within two hours even. In case any one of them gets ready for a talk, I challenge to prove certainly within two hours the above alleged harsh comments related with their ostentation, fraudulence and hypocrisy as true and their so-called knowledge as misleading and false on the basis of scriptural authenticity and on practical grounds. Moreover, if anyone possesses and fulfils the three conditions, i.e., high curiosity, intense faithfulness and absolute surrendership to Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan, I shall make one to know as-it-is, to see separately and distictly the Self (Jeeva or Rooh and Oan), the Soul (Aatma, Eeshwar, Bramha, Noor, Han'So Jyoti or Shiv) and the GOD (Parmatma, Parmeshwar, Parambramha, Allaahtaala or Paramtattvam-like-Aatmatattvam, the WORLD-like-Bhagwattattvam) with conversations and identification exactly as Narad, Garud, Laxman, Hanuman, Shebri, Udhau, Arjun and Gopis etc. did recognize GODly Incarnations in their times. Anyone who wants, can get the above achievements completely by complying those conditions. In addition, one can get Liberation and Immortality like Oneness with GOD. Not only this, one can get Its Direct Perception. See the Virat Purush of the Vedas-Upnishads-Ramayan and Geeta in front of you. (according as Shwetashwaropnishad 2/14, 15 and Bhagwad Mahapuran 12/12/66 and Geeta 13/11, 12, 13)


In the foregoing paragraphs, whatever criticism has been made against anyone, is not as per jealousy or malice, rather it is on the ground of True State and Real Knowledge of 'Dharma'. Undoubtedly, it is true that I have neither any personal enmity with the above so-called Mahatmas, nor any give-and-take relationship with them. How can I state that this is Absolute Truth that I am not opposing any of them under any of my ambitions! But owing to being an Establisher and Preceptor of True Dharma, I am compelled to say and write about the real status and to put it clearly before the masses on the basis of Supreme Truth with Grace of GOD and Influence of ‘TATTVAGYAN’. I am not fond of doing so, but I have to do so under compulsion of performing my duty as a Truth Treader and an Establisher and Protector of True Dharma.

Any one among the aforesaid so-called Mahatmas or their representatives may meet me for examining the truthfulness of the above Challenges on Scriptural ground or, if necessary, on practical ground, too. Open freedom is granted for examination and recognition. If any one is afraid of loss of one's self esteem, he, instead of stopping my true statements, must stop his own false activities, sayings and writings. This is verily right and appropriate. I am always ready to be examined. Any body can do that. People use to do so often, but none could disprove any of my sayings, statements or writings, so far.

My (Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans's) challenging declarations as above are true word-by-word on the basis of scriptural authenticity. Any one who disproves this, shall be paid immediately a sum of rupees fifty one thousands as to and fro expenses and Sant Gyaneshwar Ji will surrender to him along with all of his Sevak-Samaj. But in case one fails to disprove, one (he or she who tries to disprove) shall have to absolutely surrender to and remain in the shelter of GOD for the protection of 'Dharma-Dharmatma-Dharti'.

All's on the Mercy of GOD.

---- Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanandji Paramhans